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Who We Are

  • Laplace Technologies Limited (Laplace) is a Telecoms and Technology Services company operating since 2007 in Nigeria, and with operations in some West and Central African countries.
  • We are a very prominent player in the telecoms engineering service space and have been part of all the major operator’s network build in Nigeria partnering with Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia, IHS, Oracle, IBM, and Cisco.
  • The company is evolving to fully provide services across the value chain in Telecommunication, Information and New Technology industries by utilizing the relevant colloborative endevaours, skills and expertise both within and outside the industry.
  • We have highly technical and service- oriented culture with excellent customer relationships; and prides itself to have First Class business access in the Nigerian Telecoms industry.
  • We are a strategic regional partner with Ericsson and ZTE in Sub-Saharan African with operational presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Cameroun and CIV, and have executed high profile projects in these markets.
  • Laplace was in 2018 voted as one of the Best Places to work in Nigeria (#86) because of the principal role it has played in nurturing and distributing talents in the industry.

Meet Our Team.

Flowers Uchealor

CEO & Founder

Bill Uchealor


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